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Dear business partner,


Our company, the INTREND Ltd., has been dealing in decoration of glassware, porcelain and pottery for more than ten years.

Our activity has been based on more than 200 years’ tradition and experience in the field of decoration and of development of relevant technology, through employees that have been trained in porcelain factories in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

The core of our product range is comprised by the decorated porcelain of the Carlsbad type, as documented in the illustrated supplement.

We offer individual decorations in 30 different shades on all available sets, such as dinner services, plate sets, tea sets, coffee sets, mocha coffee sets, friendly sets, children’s sets, dessert plates, compote plates, as well as three-piece stands, cups, plates for anniversary occasions, vases, candlesticks, ashtrays and other items of souvenir character. The porcelain is decorated either by gold or by platinum.

Other activities of our company include decorations of a company logo on individual sorts of porcelain according to the design and idea of the client, which will surely add to the friendly atmosphere and enhance the company’s image during business talks when serving food and/or drinks in chinaware or glassware decorated by the company’s own logo.

We pack our products in transport cardboard boxes sealed in a PVC foil. Products of souvenir character and coffee sets are packed in decorative boxes with satin lining inside.

All our products are based on a certificate of quality and of harmlessness in terms of hygiene and health.

Many years of tradition and of good business relations with our partners in Slovakia and abroad give the best evidence of the quality of our products and services as well as of their reasonable prices.